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Doing Our Bit To Eradicate Polio From The World 

For over 30 years, Rotary has been working hard to rid the world of polio. This terrible disease can kill or severely disable children. There is no cure. Immunisation programmes are essential to prevent children contracting this disease. To date polio cases across the world have reduced by 99.9% from over 350,000 cases to just 74 in 2015. Over 2.5 billion children have been immunised. 

In 2016 Roger Frank of the Upper Eden Rotary Club conceived and realised the idea of manufacturing, promoting and monetizing an Iron Lung to raise funds towards the worldwide eradication of polio.


Displaying the Iron Lung at the Westmoreland Show

 Left to right, Robert Sykes Kendal RC, Roger Frank Upper Eden RC, 
Lilian Barton and Brian Beard of Lunesdale RC.


  Rotary Clubs working together towards supporting the global campaign to eradicate Polio.

What is an Iron Lung?
Some club members visited the Westmorland Show on 14th September with this fantastic but now obsolete piece of life saving equipment. This was a life saver for polio victims who's chest muscles ceased to work, and were unable to breathe. By changing the pressure on the body it made the lungs inhale and exhale.



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The Post Office 1516 to 2016

David Alder, sub-postmaster for Bentham, gave an interesting and informative talk on the origins of the post office.

The Post Office started as a government office for official letters, and gave the government of the day an opportunity to inspect the mail. This developed into a postal system initially via London, and then throughout the country.

Early postage required the receiver to pay for the delivery. A later innovation was for the sender to pre-pay the postage. This gave rise to the introduction of the postage stamp, and eventually first and second class post throughout Great Britain.

David Alder

David is to retire from the Post Office in January 2018. We wish him well in his retirement.

Eva Vavrova with President Nigel

Empowering People

Eva Vavrova was the guest speaker at the meeting on 14th February and is the founder of a non profit organisation "Reconnection". She is passionate about empowering people to take the lead to tackle everyday issues such as disability, mental health problems, deprivation, isolation and loneliness. Eva runs therapy, meditation, yoga and massage workshops for people marginalised from the wellbeing services and her social enterprise is helping organisations to save money on their staff sickness.

Richard Parsons

Receiving His Paul Harris Award from President Nigel

Richard Parsons is hereby named a Paul Harris Fellow
In appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance 
of better understanding and friendly relations among people of the world.

Mary's Meals Day at Glasgow 3rd September


Duncan Hamlett with Magnus in the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow.

Magnus MacFarlane- Barrow Founder and CEO of this vital charity was present on this occasion. He personally thanked the people who generously support the programme which feeds 
over 1.2 million hungry children in 14 countries around the world. The children are given a 
mug full of porridge with added vitamins daily at school. He reported on how the charity continues to grow each year and to help more children. A similar occasion is held in London and Ireland. 

Rotary Wheelchair Foundation


Graham Jackson with President Nigel Pullen

Graham Jackson from District 1285 was our speaker on August 31st. He is passionate about raising funds to purchase wheelchairs and ship them out to S. Africa. They are desperately needed there to help people, including children, with severe mobility problems. A young boy called Joe, who could only move about by rolling, highlighted the problem for Graham. Graham's objective is to fill a container with 110 wheelchairs. To date he has 70. Club members agreed to support this project.

A Helping Hand for Marie Curie

A Helping Hand for Marie Curie.
The Club was happy to support this deserving charity with a street collection
in Kirkby Lonsdale on 25th August which raised £226.

Left to right Brian Beard, Hayley Revell Marie Curie Community Fundraiser for 
Cumbria and the North East and John Dale.

A Photographic Limp Through Lancashire

Dave Rush

At the meeting on 24th August we were treated to a leisurely and beautifully illustrated stroll through the picturesque villages of this lovely county whilst listening to the anecdotal commentary by the photographer Dave Rush.



The photography was superb illustrating a huge diversity of subjects eg Les Dawson's statue in St Anne's, breathtaking views from the top of Blackpool Tower, little known  priest holes and historical gems in the many villages. The finale was a series of photographs of magical sunsets across the Bay. What a treat!


Welcome to a New Lady Member



On 17th August President Nigel invested Dawn Parrington as a new club member. Dawn's first contact with the club was when she took part in one of our charity walks at the beginning of June. She expressed an interest in the Rotary Club and since then she has attended several club meetings. Lilian Barton was delighted to be Dawn's proposer. 



1st place – Lunesdale Rotary Club

Photographer Lilian Barton
Lilian photographed some of the 5000 crocuses planted by Lunesdale in
Jubilee Park Park Kirkby Lonsdale.
This beautifully captured the purple theme in PURPLE4POLIO.

'Well Done Lilian'

The Purple4Polio photo competition was split in to two categories: the Rotary Community Prize, which focused on the planting stage and the Floral Guernsey Prize, which focused on the flowering.  Entrants were challenged to capture community spirit in action as well as interesting floral displays, with a total of £700 worth of vouchers from the Gee Tee Bulb Company available for the top three in each category. Lunesdale was awarded a Prize worth £400. Again well done Lilian.


 Sara Jane Murray  ‘The Map Lady’

Sara  gave us an insight into all that she had done in a very interesting and fascinating talk.

During the Second World War Military Intelligence produced Escape and Evasion maps printed on silk which were incorporated into uniforms and everyday items that were given to soldiers and airmen. Many prisoners of war used these maps to aid their escape.

Sara developed a keen interest in these maps and began collecting them. So her company Home Front Vintage was born. She began to remake the damaged maps into gifts and accessories for people who valued British Heritage and provenance. Each item she made came with information on the history and provenance of the maps, preserving the integrity of the, maps and ensuring the story survived. Her supply of original maps was limited. When material began running out she was faced with a choice of either closing the company, or re-printing the maps. To preserve the integrity of her product she decided never to re-print or to reproduce the maps. And so, on the 6th of June 2017 at 18.00  Home Front Vintage closed.


'The President talks about Scouting'

At the meeting on 3rd August President Nigel entertained members with an account of his time spent in association with the  Boy Scouts. It is an association that has lasted many years, and has provided many happy memories and which promises to continue long into the future.

Dogs For Good

On Thursday 27th July members were delighted to welcome Lynn Matthews and her dog 7 year old Christa. Lynn spoke with passion about this charity which provides dogs, trained to assist in performing essential tasks, to help people with disabilities live their lives more independently. Christa was amazing and demonstrated some of her skills eg picking up items dropped on the floor including a 5pence piece! She is a working dog and her very presence helps reduce stress levels and  build confidence. They provide a calming influence in so many situations especially to people who suffer from autism. To find out more about these wonderful assistance dogs tel 01524 298106.

Club Handover


President Richards Last Act as President

Receiving the Paul Harris Fellowship Award from President Richard

Lilian Barton is hereby named a Paul Harris Fellow
In appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance 
of better understanding and friendly relations among people of the world.




A Big Thankyou To the President's Wife Rosemary



Rotary Foundation
Celebration Service.


A celebration service was held in Blackburn Cathedral on Sunday 24th June to mark the Centenary of Rotary Foundation. It was created in 1917 by Rotary International's 6th President Arch C Klumph as an endowment fund for Rotary "to do good in the world". An initial contribution of $26.50 set in motion a powerful force that has since helped millions of people around the world. The teddy is Pinky who has become the mascot to front the campaign to eliminate the world of the crippling disease polio.

Salmon and Strawberries


President Richard and Rosemary

Thursday June 15th 2017



The Rotary Foundation and Rotary International
Peter Irving

Peter Irving is hereby named a Paul Harris Fellow
In appreciation of tangible and significant assistance given for the furtherance 
of better understanding and friendly relations among people of the world.


Peter Receiving the Paul Harris Fellowship Award from President Richard



Visiting Children from Belarus Enjoy an Adventure Day






The Sunbeams Of Bentham


On June 8th the club members welcomed a return visit from Rebecca Porter and Ruth Poole to give an update about the activities of the group based in Bentham.

A youth club is now held every 2 weeks and in school holidays workshops are run for the children and their siblings supported by Skipton Extended Learning For All a Skipton based children's charity supporting children who are vulnerable or disadvantaged.

Trips and activities enjoyed include a canal barge ride, a visit to Blackpool Zoo, plus craft, Lego and circus fun days.

A short break away from home for families was a highlight as it helped to strengthen parents in the group and to combat the feelings of isolation. Future plans include bowling, a visit to Thornton Hall Farm and Energy trampolining. A successful coffee morning on Easter Saturday raised almost £400. The future is looking good as the group evolves and continues to help families who are challenged by autism and other additional needs. 


"Lune Walk 4 UR Charity"

Sunday 4th June

 After heavy showers early in the morning the weather brightened and the sun shone. It was a perfect day for all 3 walks. The children on the 5 mile walk enjoyed doing a quiz, some younger ones with help from parents, and all enjoyed the fresh air, the company and the lovely scenery. The walkers all commented on the beautiful scenery they had walked through and for most it was new to them. Several charities will benefit from sponsorship money raised by individual walkers. We were pleased to have the Area Representative from the NWAA there to chat to people about the wonderful service the charity offers. A donation of £370 will be made by the club to the NWAA. President Richard Parsons, on behalf of all the club members, extends a big thank you to everyone who helped in any way to make the event a success. Also a special thank you to Booths store in Kirkby Lonsdale who sponsors the walk  



                         Kermit, Miss Piggy and the Muppets pop into a meeting  



Jonathan Warburton,  Executive Chairman of Warburton's Bakery, was given a very warm welcome as our guest speaker at the meeting on April 6th. It is a family business founded by Thomas and Ellen Warburton in 1876. Prior to his talk for approximately 2 minutes Rotary members plus many guests enjoyed a viewing of Mr Warburton's meeting with Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and the rest of the delightful Muppets. I refer of course to the company's hugely entertaining advertisement which successfully promoted sales of giant crumpets just one of the company's quality food products. There are 12 bakeries and 14 depots located around the UK providing employment for 4,500 people.  Over 2 million bakery products are produced daily including wax wrapped loaves, wraps, crumpets, pancakes and bread rolls. A top priority always is to ensure that every product is of the highest quality and as fresh as possible when it reaches the point of sale.


 Bonanza Cake Sale

This event involved 9 charities all of which had enlisted the skills of their best bakers to take part in a unique sale of home made baking. The result was amazing offering a huge selection of absolutely delicious cakes of all shapes, sizes and flavours. Customers could not resist the temptation. In addition morning coffee was enjoyed with a scone enhanced with jam and fresh cream. Yummy! As well as all that there was a selection of 5 different home made soups and bread rolls on offer for lunch.

The total amount raised was £1335


"Top to Toe"

David Taylor of the Red Cross gave a visual presentation to Club members entitled 'Top toToe'
on Thursday 23rd March. It was a challenge he undertook in memory of a colleague and to raise awareness and raise funds for ERIC Emergency Response In Cumbria. He explained how the Red Cross is a global,humanitarian network and how the + emblem is the visible sign of protection under the Geneva Convention. The 4 day challenge beginning on 5th December 2016 involved cycling, walking, kayaking and swimming starting in the Scottish Borders and finishing with an Eskimo Roll on the Southern tip of Walney Island.


District 1190 70th Annual Conference March 10th - 12th
Southport Convention Centre

Duncan Hamlett with RGBI President Eve Conway and District 1190 Governor Malcom Baldwin.

Roger Mason, Duncan with the Mayor of Sefton Ian Brodie-Brown 


Early Travellers to the Lake District
Terry Bond


Terry Bond was the Speaker at the meeting on 9th March and his period was late 1600 - 1800. This beautiful area was not a tourist centre then indeed Daniel Defoe described the area as most wild and barren and it was where people called the mountains fells! They were certainly not climbed for pleasure in that period. OS maps were introduced in the 1800s. It was a lady, Harriet Martineau, who wrote a complete Guide to the English Lakes in 1855. However it was Wordsworth's "Guide Through The District of the Lakes" which sparked mass tourism and he was the first person to propose that it should be designated a national park.

Wow ---
What a great 112th Birthday.

Radio Lancashire


The Annual International Supper and Auction


Radio Lancashire Morning Breakfast Show

Radio Lancashire broadcast their outside Morning Breakfast Show from a Club meeting at the Hornby Castle Hotel on Thursday 23rd February. This was the day when RIBI celebrated its 112th Birthday. 12 members made the most of this opportunity to tell a wider audience about their experiences in Rotary and what being a member has meant to them. Sally Naden, the morning Show Presenter and her colleague Technical Producer Chris Thornley, enjoyed making the programme as much as the members did in taking part.



Congratulations to Duncan.



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