Rotary Meetings

Guest Speaker

Thursday 10th Aug 2017 | Steward: Dave Lewis / Francis Baylis

 Sara Jane Murray  ‘The Map Lady’

Sara  gave us an insight into all that she had done in a very interesting and fascinating talk.

During the Second World War Military Intelligence produced Escape and Evasion maps printed on silk which were incorporated into uniforms and everyday items that were given to soldiers and airmen. Many prisoners of war used these maps to aid their escape.

Sara developed a keen interest in these maps and began collecting them. So her company Home Front Vintage was born. She began to remake the damaged maps into gifts and accessories for people who valued British Heritage and provenance. Each item she made came with information on the history and provenance of the maps, preserving the integrity of the, maps and ensuring the story survived. Her supply of original maps was limited. When material began running out she was faced with a choice of either closing the company, or re-printing the maps. To preserve the integrity of her product she decided never to re-print or to reproduce the maps. And so, on the 6th of June 2017 at 18.00  Home Front Vintage closed.

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