Rotary Meetings

Guest Speaker

Thursday 12th Oct 2017 | Steward: Steve Wilkinson / Alan Williams

David Alder

Postmaster in Bentham. 

Open Meeting bring friends and interested parties.

The Post Office 1516 to 2016

David Alder, sub-postmaster for Bentham, gave an interesting and informative talk on the origins of the post office.

The Post Office started as a government office for official letters, and gave the government of the day an opportunity to inspect the mail. This developed into a postal system initially via London, and then throughout the country.

Early postage required the receiver to pay for the delivery. A later innovation was for the sender to pre-pay the postage. This gave rise to the introduction of the postage stamp, and eventually first and second class post throughout Great Britain.

David Alder

David is to retire from the Post Office in January 2018. We wish him well in his retirement.

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