Rotary Meetings

Guest Speaker

Thursday 2nd Nov 2017 | Steward: Brian Beard / Richard Parsons

Conrad Leather
KL Fire Station Manager

South Lakes Fire and Rescue Service

Conrad Leather with President Nigel Pullen

The speaker at the meeting on 2nd November was Conrad Leather, Manager of South Lakes Fire and Rescue Service. He explained that in recent years house fires have decreased in numbers mainly due to improved technology but that road traffic accidents are a a big user of this organisation's facilities. Smoke alarms ( needing no batteries )were voted the top invention of the 20th century. Householders can ask to have them fitted by the service and there is no charge for this. The alarms detect smoke and provide an early warning giving people time to evacuate a building. An excellent piece of advice is to make sure there is a clear means of escape in your home in the event of a fire and that everyone is aware of it.


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