Rotary to the rescue

Tuesday 10th Dec 2013

Rotary to the rescue


SOS from Father Christmas

Father Christmas was worried. He had a letter from the Town of Kirkby Lonsdale to ask him if he would ride in his sleigh in a parade in the town. They wanted him to switch on all the lights on each Christmas tree, above every shop, in the main street and then meet the children in the grotto in the main square so they could ask for their Christmas presents.

Oh dear he couldn’t do this. All his reindeer were busy helping the elves to move the mountain of toys ready for him to make his journey around the world on Christmas Eve. He couldn’t use his sleigh. This was bad news. What could he do?

Then he had a brilliant idea.

He sent a text message to Peter Irving, President Elect of the Rotary Club of Lunesdale, who he hoped could help him. He knew that Peter was in charge of the club’s sleigh. Could the Rotary Club help him out and let him use their sleigh for this special event please?

Peter replied instantly. Of course the Rotary Club would be delighted to come to his assistance as long as Father Christmas was happy to have his sleigh pulled by a 4 by 4. The Rotary Club doesn’t have any reindeer.

Father Christmas was very happy. Problem solved.

Everybody enjoyed the Christmas parade through the town. It was led by Kirkby Lonsdale brass band, and behind the band came Father Christmas in the Rotary sleigh, helped by some of his elves and lots of well known characters including Mickey and Minnie mouse. The Pipe Band of Barrow were splendid at the end of the parade with the town’s gleaming fire engine bringing up the rear. Father Christmas lit up all the Christmas trees by magic as he passed by finally lighting the lovely big one in the market square. The children were so thrilled and excited.

When it all came to an end Father Christmas thanked everyone for their help and wished them a Merry Christmas. Nobody knows how he got to Kirkby Lonsdale or how he got back to Lapland without his reindeer. But then he’s magic. Isn’t he?

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